Angela believes and teaches that meditation is the most transformative modality for aligning your mental health, love, and human flourishment. If used as cornerstones, meditation, and living a greener life can save someone from the trappings and clutter of poor mental health, imperfect immune systems, and self-esteem issues. 



Through her guided meditations and classes, you’ll learn how to show up in every moment like you’re meant to be there, diffuse stressful patterns in your life, and straighten out your overall energy. 


Your spirit is monumental and it's infinitely true that your energy will always precede anything you could possibly say. Practice freeing your mind of thoughts, easing your body of tensions, and remaining in the space where true inspiration and deep awareness lies.

Time to let that reluctant spiritualist shine. Check out the sessions below.


Sessions & Programs are offered as group sessions or one-on-ones. 

Please email for more information. 

“Find the balance between this world and making the right choices, which is always to go towards the light. You find that through meditation.”

Gulf Coast Meditations: Chakras (Vol. 2) is a collaborative of seven spiritualists that have come together to walk us through the seven Chakras. Our Chakras are important energy centers located in various parts of our bodies. They begin at the base of your spine and end at the top of your head. Everything is energy, and each Chakra has its color and vibrational frequency. These affect specific abilities and powers in us. Each of these 10-minute guided meditations focuses on opening and connecting the Chakra.


Feel what it can be like to feel empowered, grounded, right in the here and now, and feel your consciousness lift and expand outward. Have a listen! 





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