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Cosmically connected and exquisitely earthly, Angela Tsounis has been empowering and educating through wellness and natural healthcare since 2015. 

Practicing green divinity and liberal holistics, Angela connects regular people to earthly delights, meditation, and natural inspired teachings. Join the community to see how personal change can transform your realm of mental, physical & spiritual awareness. 

As a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and anti-typecast spiritualist, Angela Tsounis has been teaching individuals how to help themselves through affinity of the body, mind, and spirit using holistic connectivity for years. 


Her passion lies in the field of mental health and how to connect people to the natural solutions for every day. A true advocate for mental health and practice, she is also the Podcast Host and Author of Different from the Other Kids, a grassroots effort aimed at educating and supporting the parents of kids that struggle. In between her Podcast interviews and happenings, she offers healing meditation, health and wellness services as a Canadian Team Leader for dōTERRA Essentials Oils 


“It’s true, I am totally in love with dōTERRA, and rightfully so. As one of Canada's Team Leaders for dōTERRA Essentials Oils, through which I facilitate healing, advocate for mental health & practice a variety of modalities using essentials oils & plant medicine, not only do I truly believe in this company – but 100% in the products and information we represent.” 


The evolution of how we view and treat our mental, physical, and emotional health is in full-flourishment, so let’s learn more about the nourishment! 

Angela's Different From the Other Kids PodCast 

The Different from the Other Kids trilogy is based on Angela Tsounis’ monthly Podcast of the same name. The podcast is a grassroots effort aimed at educating, and supporting the parents of kids that struggle, as well as engaging with the mental health community all across the world. This series of warming interviews attune listeners’ ears towards individuals who are affected by or who care for someone with mental health challenges. It’s through the series, and community support, that Angela aims to add dimension to the lives of people living with the unique pain of an illness that no one can see. 

Listen, share, learn.



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