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Spiritual Coaching through ThetaHealing®

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Theta Healing is a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for the improvement, evolvement, and healing of the Body, Mind, and Soul. 


This thought-healing modality helps bring about rapid changes in core beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional states. Each 90-minute session includes chakra clearing and energy balancing. With the integration of essential oils, we hope to create long-lasting changes within your physical and mental state. 


This coaching is recommended in three sessions - once a week, for three consecutive weeks to balance out life’s negative imprints. With that said, one session alone can affect significant change. These sessions can be held in-person or over the phone. The informative Oil Protocol of the essential oils that are best suited to you happen in-person or over the phone as well.


With the integration of Theta Healing and the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils, you will leave each session as a lighter, more positive version of yourself, ready to take on new, impactful mental and physical routines. 


For more information on Angela’s Spiritual Coaching and price packaging, please feel free to get in touch! 

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Oil Application Using the Symphony of the Cells™

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Symphony of the Cells™ are 18 essential oil applications developed by Boyd Truman and designed to help anyone bring harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the body. The applications have been created with the knowledge that every condition is connected to a body system. Each application takes a focused approach, addressing a specific body system, and targeting the underlying causes and symptoms of various conditions. The applications incorporate pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and utilize a layering technique. 


These Applications are designed and used to create a feeling of overall wellness and bring support to specific body systems. The essential oils address that particular system as well. Using the applications and oils allows the user to adequately target specific concerns and encourage lasting change on a cellular level. 


The Applications themselves happen on a massage table in a comfortable, supportive space. The layering of the essential oils is practiced along the spine, and the bottoms of the feet, where the most significant absorption into the body’s system occurs. Angela can also help your loved ones confidently learn this technique to support this application in the privacy of your own home. 


The Applications have the best effect in five consecutive 45-minute treatments (twice a week) as one treatment builds upon the other for the best result in the body. Each session will include a guided meditation and an explanation of which oils are being used and why.  


For more information on Angela’s Oil Layering and price packaging, please feel free to get in touch! 

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